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Kourtnaye Sturgeon, Owner Sweet Pea Marketing

In 2016 I left the corporate world for the nonprofit sector with the desire to bring my 30 years of business development, marketing, and communications experience to a worthy, heart-felt cause. Finding myself with some additional spare time, I created Sweet Pea Marketing with a focus on helping nonprofits and small-medium businesses with their business development, marketing, and communications.

Problem Solver – Puzzle Cracker – Scout

I view myself as a problem solver, puzzle cracker, and scout – looking to the horizon and the surrounding landscape for the path out, through or to create a new path or area of opportunity.

My Background

I bring more than 30 years experience working in marketing, communications, promotions, eCommerce, web and digital to the table. For the past 20 years I had the pleasure of working for the world’s largest education company leading the marketing for the IT professional, creative, and consumer technology publishing brands. Working with technology partners such as: Adobe, Cisco, IBM, and Microsoft. Technology? I am “one with” all things tech and tap into technology for my clients to help simplify, streamline, and scale programs and processes with an eye to increase performance measures and results.

Fluent in retail distributor model + B2B + eCommerce.

Industries – Many, including
Biotech, Financial, Health & Fitness, Healthcare, Media, Nonprofit, Services, Technology, Transportation, Fashion

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